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Baby's First Cold Remedies

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Tis the season for colds on colds on colds..ugh :(. If your babe has a cold or gets one this season, I’ve got you covered with everything you need to know. It's such a hard time being a first time parent and watching your little one go through this, but you will get through it! And here are some tips that might help!

  1. If you can….breastfeed, breastfeed, breastfeed! You’re going to pass your immunity to your babe which will help keep he/she healthier and build up their immune system to fight illnesses on their own. Also, fun fact - if your breastfeeding and you get sick, it’s not likely your baby will get sick since they’re building immunity through you! Win win! Now, if your babe gets sick…you will get sick (womp womp…sorry I wish it worked both ways!)

  2. Buy yourself a Frida Baby snot sucker. Okay, I know these sound pretty nasty…the thought of sucking boogies out of my babes nose wasn’t the best thought I’ve had, BUT it will help your babe a ton since they can’t blow their nose themselves yet.

  3. Make sure you have a humidifier set up in your baby's room. This is super important to ensure the air isn’t super dry and it helps your baby sleep at night.

  4. I swear by this face steamer…I know it sounds weird but trust me…if your baby gets a cold and is so stuffed up, you’re going to want to sit in front of this steamer (don’t worry it won’t get too hot, just sit about a foot away from it). The internet tells you to run your shower on hot and let the bathroom steam up, but friends, take my word for it you will be in there for a long time and waste a ton of water! So get yourself a spa face steamer and you won’t regret it. I used it a ton last winter and it will help loosen up your baby's sinuses and if there’s any mucous in their lungs it’ll help with that too.

  5. Buy a saline snot rinse - we like the Hydra Sense Saline Spray. I’m warning you now your babe is not going to like this, but it’s crucial to loosening up the mucous and helping clear out their nose and sinuses so they can breathe.

Products Shown Below!

The key is to do this in the following order.

  • First - Spray the saline spray (one squirt in each nostril or follow the instructions depending on which saline spray you buy). Wait a few minutes so it can really do its job at breaking down the snot.

  • Second - Start up your face steamer and sit in front of that for about 10 minutes. This will really help to loosen up the mucous.

  • Third - Breastfeed (or bottle feed depending on your situation). This will help your baby breathe extra heavy to really loosen up everything to prep for the final step.

  • Fourth - Use your snot sucker tool and suck out all the boogs….yep sorry I said it but hey MOMLIFE! :)

Repeat these steps several times per day depending on how stuffed up and sick your little one is. This is definitely the system that I found to work the best, but as always…please consult your health practitioner, these are simply tips and tricks that got us through the cold season and worked best for our family!

And in case you need to hear this. YOU are the best thing for your baby. Be there for them, comfort them, we're all doing our best! You've got this mama!

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