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First Birthday Party Theme!

So excited to share my baby girl Brynlee's 1st #birthdayparty photos, decor and more with you all! We chose the bee theme which was SO fitting since bees were in full force in September and for those that know me, yellow is my favorite color! It was such a cute theme idea so I hope you guys enjoy this post and get some ideas for your kiddos next birthday party!

We had two separate #beeday parties- one in Canada with my husband Dave's side and one in the U.S with my side. Normally we would have thrown one big bash but with the current border closures, we had to make due... so lucky Brynlee got spoiled with TWO parties!

Below I'll show you how we used the same theme for 2 different parties in 2 different locations! This way we saved some money, and hey, there were different people at each party so it's not like anyone was seeing things twice!

I wish you grow up to be smart, tough, and wise, but I also hope that you always have the same innocence in your eyes.

Photos from Brynlee's Party in the U.S. at my parents house!

Here's some information regarding the decorations and vendors we used!


To say we were happy with these cookies is an understatement. They were the tastiest and cutest cookies ever! I absolutely love Sweet Bee Cookies and for those of you in the Michigan - Metro Detroit area looking to have #customcookies made for your #birthday, #babyshower, #bridalshower, #holidaygathering, etc. you will not be disappointed! Not only did the cookies look so cute they tasted amazing and were the perfect addition to Brynlee's party. Rosa was such a sweetheart, so easy to work with and customized the cookies to my exact request/liking. We received so many compliments and people wanted to take extras home with them, they tasted so good. I highly recommend them! *Please note, Rosa only offers pick up locally and cannot ship cookies.

Invitation & Welcome Sign

My husband Dave made the sign out of pallets, and we sprayed the back with chalk paint! Then my best friend Meg who has the BEST handwriting did the lettering for me! She also created the invitation and it was the cutest design ever, exactly what I pictured in my head! If you need an invite design let me know and I'll give you her info, she's amazing!!

Cake Topper

This adorable bee #caketopper was from a Canadian company by the name of Thistle and Lace. They have the cutest designs and they can custom design your cake topper to your liking, theme, year, name, etc. I highly recommend them! The topper was of high quality, beautifully handcrafted, arrived in a timely manner and was the perfect addition to Brynlee's 1st Birthday cake!

High Chair Garland

I got the #feltballgarland from Sheep Farm Felt and my mom and I made the tassels out of different colored yarn that we purchased from #Michaels. They were super easy to make and made the perfect addition to the felt ball garland to drape from Brynlee's high chair! We made a few extra yarn tassels to hang in other areas of the house as well.

Happy Bee Day Garland

This was another DIY project and we were so pleased with the way it turned out! We bought various colored paper from #Michaels and cut out hexagon shapes (smaller hexagon - lighter color, larger hexagon - darker color). My friend Meg did the lettering and bee drawing and we used small wood clothes pins to hang each letter! The idea was to hang the banner so each cut out fit within one another to look like a bee hive!

First Year Birthday Banner

The first year birthday banner was from Blueberry Sprinkles and it was the best to showcase each month of Brynlee's 1st Year, boy how time flies and her looks have changed!

Bee Hives

My mom and I had so much fun crafting up these adorable Bee Hives. We bought 2 clay pots (two different sizes - any two sizes will do) and with a hot glue gun, glued the twine/rope from #AtHome around the pots. We bought a few decor bees from #HobbyLobby and stuck those to the bee hives and voila done!

Gold Wall Rings

I bought the gold rings from #Michaels and a bunch of eucalyptus and white daisy flowers. Then using super glue, I added the florals to the ring in just one section. These rings looked so cute above Brynlee's high chair and as misc. decor around the house!

One Birthday Balloon

This was such an easy balloon to blow up (with a straw) and easy to hang too! I bought if off of #Amazon, highly recommend. I loved that the color wasn't an orange gold, but more of a white gold color which matched the decor much better!

Brynlee's Birthday Outfits

Brynlee's outfit from the U.S. party was from Chubby Bubby Bear and omgosh was it the cutest little outfit ever! It had lace embroidering with a little tutu, I will forever be saving this little outfit! Her cute little dress from our Canada party was from Zara and we will be getting a lot of use out of this dress! I made her flower crown using a nylon headband, hot glue gun and various flowers and leaves that I purchased from Michaels.

Photos from Brynlee's Party in Canada at our house!

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