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Monat stands for Modern Nature. Combining the most modern science with the best of nature.
What is Monat and what makes it so great? 
A plant based, hair care, skin care and wellness line.
Did you know the scalp is the fastest aging skin on the body? It ages 12 times faster than body skin and 6 times after than facial skin. So we need to make sure we’re taking care of it! 

Our haircare products are anti aging and clinically proven to restore hair from the inside out and actually promote hair growth. PLUS, these products are naturally based, anti-aging, cruelty free, toxic free, vegan, sulfate free, paraben free, and without any harsh chemicals.
You may be wondering are these products too good to be true? Do they actually work? I thought the same thing before I started using these products. But let me tell you something, not only does it feel amazing that you’re putting safe products onto your scalp, you’re actually nourishing your hair and scalp to promote growth, shine, strength and help the overall health of your hair. The longer you use Monat, the better the results. Monat’s proprietary blend - Rejuveniqe Oil is made up of a blend of 13+ natural plant and essential oils rich in omega fatty acids, antioxidants and nutrients. These molecules are unlike any other oil and are actually tiny enough to penetrate all three layers of the hair follicle to provide nutrition from the inside out. Other oils like coconut, argon or moraccan oil sit on top of the scalp, but rejuveniqe oil actually penetrates all three layers. It’s no wonder this company ships out 700,000 packages PER MONTH to happy customers. 
After following Ivy Carnegie - a mama, holistic/non toxic product lover and herbalist who just so happens to be my direct up line, I knew I had to give these products a try. I had been following her for a few years and not only did these products change her hair like crazy but they were non toxic which is SUPER important to me!! She used to wear extensions because she couldn’t get her hair to grow past a certain length, and then ended up dealing with postpartum hair loss after the birth of her little one, which so many mamas go through. These products not only helped grow her hair to an insanely beautiful length so she could ditch the extensions, they helped her bring her postpartum hair loss (and then some) back…and very quickly. 
I decided to jump in, give it a go and give these products and the business a shot because my hair was lacking hydration, not growing, broken, damaged, my curls were dull and lifeless…AND I had suffered from postpartum hair loss after having my little one. So after hopping aboard the Monat train as a Market Partner, I realized very quickly how incredible these products really are. They have transformed my hair in just a few months. I quickly replaced all hair and skin products in my hair and skincare routines. With a 30 day money back guarantee there wasn’t any risk in signing up as a Market Partner with a product pack so I could try out the products at a heavily discounted rate. I told myself if I love them I’ll sell them and if I don’t then I can return my pack and get a full refund. But you guys…..I fell in love and it became SO natural to want to tell everyone I know about these products. They. Are. Incredible. 
Now the business side intrigued me for MANY reasons. I saw SO many girls quitting their full time corporate jobs, staying home with their babies, paying off debt/student loans, earning a free car, going on fully paid for trips, working from anywhere, building incredible friendships, retiring their husbands, giving back to so many…I could go on! I KNEW there has to be more to this life than what I’m settling for. God put me on this earth to do amazing things, and let me tell you…this incredible faith driven company is doing amazing things for SO many people. This company is SO much more than just shampoo. It’s changing people’s hair and skin and the lives of so many by giving them financial freedom and flexibility. 
So if you’re looking to swap out your current products with non toxic, vegan and anti aging hair 
and/or you’re driven, looking for more in life, wishing you could make an income online from anywhere and over 18 years old…I’d love to chat with you. 
Please feel free to reach out with ANY questions. I’d love to help you with your hair & skin goals and/or help you change your life!

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