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If you're looking for all things motherhood, health & travel then you're in the right spot! I can't wait to get to know you all and share my journey through motherhood and life with you!

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Hello friends, my name is Shauna! I'm a Christ follower and believe that through God anything is possible! I was born and raised in Michigan. and moved to our friendly neighbor, Canada about 5 years ago after I met my now hubby Dave on Tinder. Yes, we owe it all to you, Tinder! ;) My husband, Dave and I have an English Goldendoodle named Oxley (he’s our first born and boy is he spoiled)! We named him after a local winery because we love wine so…why not?! We have a 2 year old named Brynlee Grace and just welcomed baby Dalton Thomas to the world! Family is everything to us and motherhood is THE BEST!!! 


My husband and I love to travel and find savvy deals! I tell my hubs he should be a travel agent on the side- he’s THAT good at planning trips, AND he does it affordably! I dabble in photography on the side and love family, baby/children and pet photography the most! I do everything in my power to live as healthy as can be while also not breaking the bank.

I own my own business with Monat. If you're not familiar with them they are a non toxic, plant based, anti-aging vegan, cruelty free hair, skin and wellness products that actually work my friends! This stuff is no joke, or I wouldn't be selling it. And the opportunity to help other men and women make money from anywhere and in the nooks and crannies of their lives is so incredibly special. I'm so happy to have taken this leap of faith and I can't wait to bring you all on this journey with me and help you and your families as well as help transform your hair and skin.


If you’re looking for non toxic beauty products, mommy tips, dog products, cheap travel info. don’t hesitate to reach out, I’d love to connect with as many of you mamas and health enthusiasts as I can! :) 


Ta ta for now! 


<3 Shauna 

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